History will be written on these pages, the question is:
Who will write it?

The 2020 elections will go down in history as the most consequential in modern history.  The history of this era is sure to be controversial. Who’s right?  Who’s wrong? Who will prevail?  Fraud? Conspiracies?


And then there’s the backdrop of a global pandemic that placed the entire planet on quarantine and caused all of humanity to hold their breath.


And yet, politics cannot stand still. The battle for control of ideas and the path forward has to fight through the drama that the last four years have been.


Republicans want to control this site to protect Donald Trump. Does he deserve this? We don’t yet know.


Democrats want to gain control of these pages to attack and tarnish Trump’s history and legacy. Is this an ethically sound path?


While factions battle, the nation awaits what might come next. Everyone’s opinions must be heard.  And yet someone has yet to gain control of the most valuable resource. The way forward could be as simple as 1, 2, 3…

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