Did AI Just Beat a Human Fighter Jet Pilot?

A human F-16 pilot and a synthetic pilot trained using Machine Learning faced off. The ML pilot won five out of five engagements. Is this the end of human combat pilots?

Well, likely not…

  • When you put real fighter pilots in simulators you remove all cues
  • Humans fly by feeling the aircraft around them
  • Real fighter pilots are not used to the lack of feedback
  • The AI used in this engagement had rules not
  • The AI had total situational awareness, something that does not exist in the real world
  • Real state information is way better
  • The AI always knew exactly where the opponent is
  • The AI knew everything about the human pilot
  • The human pilot knew almost nothing about the AI pilot
  • They allowed the AI to see in every direction; the human could not
  • You can’t estimate where your opponent is going if you don’ t know where they are
  • In real life it would only see where the sensors can see
  • VR goggles are nowhere what you see and experience in real life
  • The AI had no collision avoidance logic
  • The AI had no self preservation logic
  • In the flight simulator world it is hard to conclude anything at all
  • In combat things are even harder
  • A simple example of this are communications failures, jamming, etc.
  • As an augmentation technology, it could be interesting
  • One scenario could be a human fighter squadron leader flying with AI drones to assist