The Year of Trump

Time for a review.

Say what you want about the guy but the reality is that he is doing a good job.

No, an excellent job.

OK, I cringe every time he is out giving a formal speech. He can’t read. He can’t read a speech like Obama did. Obama was a fantastic –one of the best– speech reader. Let’s make that distinction because it is important. They all read prepared speeches. Obama was a great performer. Trump sucks at it.

Well, who cares. I’ve always said I don’t care about image, I care about results. And, frankly, so far, you can’t argue with the results. Particularly now, after the passage of the tax reform bill.

Apple just announced $2,500 bonuses for their employees (I think US-only),  the repatriation of $350 BILLION dollars and a payment of $39 BILLION dollars in taxes –the largest tax payment to the Federal government in US history.  Tim Cook, CEO, is on record saying that all of this is because of tax reform.

Chrysler is moving a factory back to the US.

Other companies are announcing thousand dollar+ bonuses to employees due to the tax reform bill.

Other companies are also starting to talk about repatriating billions of dollars and growing jobs in the US.

The stock market is on fire.

Deregulation across a range of industries is starting to show results.

African American, Hispanic and Female unemployment are at historical lows.

401K plans are bursting with gains.

And now he is probably going to set his sights on getting rid of this ridiculous Obamacare that is hurting so many people.

There’s more, of course, but the above is amazing for just eleven months in office.

Let’s put it this way: Had Obama accomplished the above in his first eleven months in office he would have been elevated to saint status. He would have had entire editions of newspapers and magazines like Time dedicated to highlighting his life history and incredible accomplishments. Rapture would have filled liberal media and liberal circles. Babies and buildings would have been named after him.  It would have been the biggest party ever thrown in the history of this country.

Yet, because this is Trump we are being treated to an ever intensifying mass of attacks by all mainstream media outlets. We are experiencing otherwise intelligent people completely degenerate into some of the worst kinds of bigotry and hate speech ever seen.

Why is this happening?

I think the answer is simple: If Trump succeeds it is likely to derail liberal politics for decades. If Trump succeeds he will demonstrate that a business-minded approach to running an economy and a country might actually be better than big government, big taxes and the big one: Socialism.

If Trump succeeds the status quo is done for.

And that means both Republicans and Democrats.

That’s why this is happening. That’s why he is being attacked from every conceivable angle with never seen intensity.

Because politicians are afraid, very afraid, he will succeed.

And he is succeeding.

We just got a taste of the first year in office.

Three more to come.  Maybe even seven.

If all goes well, the political elites will, with time, no longer have the power they’ve enjoyed for decades in this country.

This is good.